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At Desert Clinic Pain Institute, we pride ourselves
in being a multi-disciplinary pain management
practice, meaning we will use every skill we know
to help relieve your Chronic Pain.

Welcome to the Desert Clinic Pain Institute Physician Network!

We have developed the Desert Clinic Pain Institute Physician Network to get in touch with our local healthcare communities and providers. We value our partnerships greatly and want to create long lasting relationships everywhere we go.

What can you expect as a Referring Physician?

As a referring physician, you can expect a reliable partner to work with you in diagnosing and providing the best care the patients we share. We are proud to practice in a multidisciplinary, multi-modal setting proven to produce the best outcomes for patients suffering from chronic pain. Our ultimate goal is to reduce pain, restore function and improve our patient’s quality of life. We value maintaining a strong relationship with our referring physicians and other health care providers. Join us!

We look forward to meeting you!

As soon as we receive your contact information, you will receive a follow up from one of our physician service representatives. We will also provide more information on who we are, what we do and why we do it. We look forward to continued success and community development together.

Some of the many pain conditions we treat include:

Osteo Arthritis
Degenerative Disc Disease
Lower Back Pain
Neck Pain
Facet Joint Dysfunction
Spinal Stenosis
Vertebral Fractures
Knee Pain
Orthopedic, Sports Injuries
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Peripheral Vascular Disease Pain
Post Laminectomy Syndrome
Peripheral Neuropathy
Lower Extremity Pain
Phantom Limb Pain
Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Facial Pain
Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Central Pain Syndromes
Chronic Abdominal Pain
Cancer Pain
Whiplash Pain