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At Desert Clinic Pain Institute, we pride ourselves
in being a multi-disciplinary pain management
practice, meaning we will use every skill we know
to help relieve your Chronic Pain.

Center of Excellence

Multidisciplinary Pain Program

The Center of Excellence is a Multidisciplinary Pain Program based on the Biopsychosocial Model for treatment of chronic pain.

This model best illustrates the complex and dynamic interactions between physiological, psychological, and social factors which serve to perpetuate and potentially worsen the pain experience in patients. The goal of a Multidisciplinary Pain Model is to restore physical and emotional functioning and improve overall quality of life in contrast to the Biomedical Model, which emphasizes reduction of pain level as its main goal of therapy.

Medical Service Line

The first department is the Medical Department, consisting of Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and skilled nurses, focuses on optimizing medical treatments as well as discussing interventional options. The goal which is stated from the beginning is to educate the patients to understand for themselves the importance of increasing activity while utilizing medications as a short-term support. A long-term goal of reducing the reliance of medication is also established early. Throughout phase one, our medical department will select an appropriate treatment algorithm in coordination with all of the other Center of Excellence modalities.

Behavioral Service Line

The Behavioral Department consists of psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors and social workers.  This department focuses on establishing the state of mental health and introducing basic tools like mindfulness, meditation and stress reduction techniques.  Since, the treatment focuses on the whole patient including body, mind and soul, the Behavioral Department takes an active problem-solving approach to tackling the many challenges associated with the experience of Chronic Pain.  They help patients to “take control” and re-engage in the activities of life rather than seeing themselves as helpless and disabled because of pain.

Physical Reconditioning Service Line

The Physical Reconditioning department consisting, of Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Movement Specialists, Tai Chi and Yoga Instructors as well as Fitness instructors, aims to increase movement and range of motion, increase flexibility, increase comfort, lose weight and improve posture through passive or low impact treatments.  During the first phase,  our treatments are based on the scientific fact that your body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism. The objective is to improve body function by locating and removing interferences to the patients natural state of health and wellness. Utilizing therapies like Reiki, Chiropractic, cold laser, manual therapy, activator technique and many more help restore the patient’s own inborn ability to be healthy.

Alternative Care Service Line

The Alternative Care department, consisting of Naturopathic Doctors, Acupuncturists and various other providers, focuses on nutrition with the main goal of educating the patient on the adverse effects of toxicity and how diet plays a major role in over-all health and wellness.  Naturopathic treatments like dietary change, homeopathic supplements and nature-based modalities help the patient to find balance in their life.

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