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At Desert Clinic Pain Institute, we pride ourselves
in being a multi-disciplinary pain management
practice, meaning we will use every skill we know
to help relieve your Chronic Pain.

Physical Reconditioning Service Team

Specialized in Pain Management

About The Service Team

The Physical Reconditioning Service Team, consisting of Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Movement Specialists, as well as Fitness instructors, aims to increase movement and range of motion, increase flexibility, increase comfort, lose weight and improve posture through passive or low impact treatments.  During the first phase,  our treatments are based on the scientific fact that your body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism. The objective is to improve body function by locating and removing interferences to the patients natural state of health and wellness. Utilizing therapies like Reiki, Chiropractic, cold laser, manual therapy, activator technique and many more help restore the patient’s own inborn ability to be healthy.


Our Multidisciplinary approach allows us to do a very comprehensive initial assessment across all modalities.  For the Physical Reconditioning Service Team, we will gather a thorough pain history including location, quality, intensity, temporal characteristics, aggravating and alleviating factors, impact of pain on activities of daily living, and past treatment and response. A functional and postural exam will allow us to observe gains, comfort and posture while sitting and standing, balance, range of motion, and ability to change positions.  Lastly, we will take time to establish patient expectations and goals.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) is a collection of techniques utilized by our Physical Reconditioning Service Team to diagnose, treat, and prevent chronic pain. Using OMT, the provider will move a patient’s muscles and joints employing techniques such as stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.

Physical Therapy (PT) and exercise are fundamental to the Multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of chronic pain. Physical modalities used in combination with exercise provide pain relief and help to prevent future pathology and physiologic changes in patients. Our Physical Reconditioning Service Team will treat pain through movement, hands-on care, exercise, and patient education.

There is an intrinsic relationship between occupation and health/wellness. Our Occupational Therapists work to enable patients with chronic pain to participate in the activities that have value and meaning to them, despite their chronic pain. Our Physical Reconditioning Service team will employ strategies such as activity management, activity adaptation, the development of coping strategies, and vocational rehabilitation to facilitate overall health and wellness.

Massage Therapy is used to help manage a patient’s chronic pain and even enhance health and wellness. The goal of the Massage Therapist is to manipulate the soft tissues of the body to help relieve tension and pain. Our Physical Reconditioning Service Team employs several different Massage Therapy techniques including Swedish (Classical) massage, sports massage, clinical massage and even Shiatsu and Tuina. Massage Therapy has been studied to benefit several pain syndromes including (but not limited to) low-back pain, neck & shoulder pain, arthritic pain, and even headaches.

Our Physical Reconditioning Service Team employs stretching and core strengthening to elevate three main elements of our patient’s wellbeing: suppleness, strength and stamina.  By gently stretching the soft tissues around the joints, patients will decrease the risk of sprain/strain resulting from various movements.  Through exercise, our therapists will work muscles to increase efficiency, thereby placing less strain on the body.

Energy Work like Reiki or ancient Japanese Touch Therapy has shown to produce measured results for the management of Chronic Pain.  Energy Work is a treatment in which “healing energy” is channeled from the provider to the patient to enhance energy and reduce pain, fatigue and stress.  The goal of our Physical Reconditioning Service Team through Energy Work is to restore the body both physically and emotionally.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that involves a non-competitive, self-paced system of gentle physical movement and stretching.  It involves a sequence of movements that are slow focused and accompanied by deep breathing.  Where Yoga involves meditation through various physical postures, Tai Chi involves meditation through movement.  Tai Chi is useful for stress reduction overall wellness.

Yoga involves “annulling the ripples of the mind” (Pathanjali Yoga Suthra 1:2). Our Physical Reconditioning Service Team utilizes Yoga to help individuals deal with the emotional aspects of chronic pain, reduce anxiety and depression effectively and improve the quality of life perceived. Yoga offers various levels of approaches to relax, energize, remodel and strengthen the body and psyche.

Pilates is a technique developed by Joe Pilates.  In its first iteration, Pilates was a sequence of 34 mat exercises.  Today, our Physical Reconditioning Service Team utilizes Pilates to enhance four key elements of the patients functional wellness: posture, movement, repetition of exercises and breath. Like yoga, the moves in Pilates will help build balance and strength, but Pilates and yoga are not the same thing. They are, perhaps, in the same family, but yoga is more focused on flexibility and improving the joints, while Pilates focuses on muscle relaxation combined with strengthening the numerous muscles of the body.

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